Schedules of the Indian Constitution


In Present, the Constitution of India has 448 Articles in 25 Parts and 12 Schedules. The world’s lengthiest written constitution had 395 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules at the time of commencement.

SchedulesSubject-MatterArticle covered
First ScheduleTerritories of the States of the Union Territories1&4
SecondSalaries, Allowances etc. of Constitutional Authorities
PART A: Provision as to the president and the Governor of States.
PART B: Repealed.
PART C: Provisions as to the Speaker and the Deputy-Chairman of the Council of States & the Speaker and the Deputy-Speaker of the Legislative Assembly & the Chairman &the Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Council of States
PART D: Provisions as to the Judges of the Supreme Court and of the High Courts.

PART E: Provisions as to the comptroller and Auditor- General of India. Forms of the Oaths or Affirmations for The Union Ministers.The candidates for election to the Parliament.The Members of the Parliament.
ThirdForms of oaths and Affirmations of offices for elected officials including the Judges of the Supreme court.The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India.The State Ministers.The candidates for election to the State Legislature.The members of the State Legislature.The Judges of the High Courts.75,99,124,148,164,188,and 219
FourthAllocation of seats to State and Union Territories in the Rajya Sabha.4 and 80
FifthProvisions as to the Administration and control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes.
PART A: General
PART B: Administration & and Control of Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes.

PART C: Scheduled Areas.
PART D: Amendment of the Schedule.
SixthProvisions as to the Administration of Tribal Areas in the States of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura,and Mizoram244 (2) and 275
SeventhGives allocation of powers and functions between Union & States. It contains 3 lists
Union List (For Central Govt.) 97 subjects.States List (Power of State Govt.), 66 subjects.Concurrent List( Both Union &States), 47 subjects.
EighthList of 22 languages of India recognized by the constitution originally it had only 14 recognized languages:
1. Assamese 
2. Bengali 
3. Gujarati 
4. Hindi 
5. Kannada 
6. Kashmiri 
7. Konkani 
8. Malayalam 
9. Manipuri 
10. Marathi 
11. Nepali 
12. Oriya 
13. Panjabi 
14. Sanskrit
15. Sindhi 
16. Tamil 
17. Telugu
18. Urdu 
19. Santhali 
20. Bodo
21. Maithili 
22. Dogri
(Sindhi was added in 1967 by 21st amendment)(Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali were added in 1992 by 71st amendment)(Santhali , Maithili, Bodo and Dogri were added in 2003 by 92nd amendment)
344 and 351
NinthValidation of certain Acts and regulations, mostly relating to the land reforms. There are 284 such Acts. This Schedule was added to the constitution by the first Amendment Act of 1951, which provided, that by incorporating any law into it, the State would make it immune from judicial scrutiny.31B
TenthProvisions relating to the disqualification of the legislators on grounds of defection. This Schedule was added by the 52nd amendment Act of 1985. It is also known as the Anti- Defection Law.102 and 191
EleventhSpecifies the powers, authority and the responsibilities of the panchayats. It has 29 matters. This Schedule  was added by the 73rd Amendment Act of 1992.243G
TwelfthSpecifies the power, authority and the responsibilities of the Municipalities. . It has 18 matters. This Schedule  was added by the 74th Amendment Act of 1992.243W
Schedules of the Indian Constitution

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